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In the light of technological developments, there is no way that an organization can work independent from data. In all organizations, services and business processes are closely related to the acquisition, processing and integration of data. Therefore, all organizations that want to conduct their business effectively need to manage these data structures effectively. However, using the data in a common structure in institutions and storing it as a shared memory will ensure that the organization does not lose its effectiveness throughout life.

Addressing these problems, we have developed METABASE:

  • Organizations can manage data structures, create and manage data dictionary.
  • Metadata can be defined according to ISO IEC 11179 standard.
  • Defining features for metadata can be easily done
  • Web service source codes required for data sharing, data exchange and collaboration can be generated from definitions
  • Reference Code Library can be created and shared as a service.
  • Available data can be imported automatically from the databases.
  • Management, versioning, monitoring and authorization of all functions can be done.
  • The web service inventory of the organization can be created.