Advensis -

Our vision is to be a leading company in the national and international arena and to be a leading technology company in the world, in line with our company’s goals and strategies. Thus, we strive to recruit qualified individuals, having the sufficient competencies, in our company, in order to create an effective and efficient working environment. Our Human Resources Policy based on this vision and the ambition to increase the leadership capacity.

The recruitment processes

Our employment policy is based on selecting the most suitable candidate after the interviews had in accordance with the needs of us and our staff. For a job application, you may send your resume to the e-mail address mentioned below.

  • First, the applicants are evaluated and the relevant candidates are chosen for the position and candidates are invited to a preliminary interview.
  • Candidates who are deemed sufficient in the preliminary interview are invited to our company for the second time for an interview with the relevant department manager.
  • All applications made to our company are kept confidential.

Would you like to join our team?

Please send your CV to