Advensis -

Project Management Consultancy

We aim to add the highest value to you both with the trainings that your organization needs in the field of project management and our consultancy services during implementation.

We can contribute to the success of your projects by ensuring the implementation of globally accepted standards in your projects. As a result, your teams can improve their competence with the help of our consultancy.

With over 15 years of know-how and business experience, we project and realize our partners needs faster and better.

  • We are adapting cots software products according to your processes.
  • We manage projects that require different technology and infrastructure expertise (hardware, software, security, integration, etc.) in a coordinated manner.
  • We develop unique solutions for different platforms.
  • We support our partners for cross-platform migration.

Technology Consulting

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of IT and integrated approach of IT with strategic goals, Advensis offers its knowledge for optimal operation of your business.

Business Analysis and Technical Specification Consultancy

Within the scope of our Business Analysis and Technical Specification Preparation Consultancy service, we analyze your projects with the expert team in the best way and provide professional services to you for the formation of necessary documentation and specifications.

Process Analysis Consultancy

We carry out the process analysis work with all relevant stakeholders and prepare the analysis documentation in a specific standard with the determination of the processes and the development areas. The aim of this study is; standardization, reducing costs, increasing productivity, improving coordination between departments and increasing the efficiency of resource usage.