Cyberbit EDR

Cyberbit EDR provides a new approach for detecting and responding to advanced threats at the endpoint level. It is based on a hybrid detection engine, which combines behavioral analysis with machine learning algorithms that use statistical modeling to identify abnormal activity. This hybrid approach, unique to Cyberbit EDR, is proven to detect a broader range of malicious activities, including threats that have never before been encountered, and is more effective at differentiating between normal and abnormal activity. As a result, it minimizes false positives without compromising on high quality detection.

Cyberbit EDR Benefits

  • Detect unknown threats – a unique hybrid detection engine combines machine learning and behavioral analytics to detect unknown threats within seconds and minimize false positives.
  • Increase analyst impact and lower the entry bar for new analysts – replace manual analyst work with automated processes. Accelerate investigation, analysis and response by using visualization tools that display the entire attack story as a clear graph.
  • Quickly identify high priority threats – traditional approaches require security experts to analyze numerous data feeds and prioritize threats manually. Cyberbit EDR automates this process, saves valuable time and ensures that high priority events are addressed.
  • Improve threat visibility – Cyberbit EDR collects granular endpoint data continuously and makes it easily accessible and searchable, so analysts can drill down into threats as needed.
  • Combine detection and forensics – Cyberbit EDR is a powerful detection platform as well as a robust forensics platform to the fullest extent, combined in one single product.
  • Remediate and respond with a click of a button – execute response, remediation and prevention measures on all hosts across the network
  • Scale up without disrupting QoS – Cyberbit EDR is deployed in large scale large public and private sector organizations, supporting hundreds of thousands of endpoints


SCADAShield - ICS Visibility and Security
SCADAShield is a non-intrusive solution for OT network monitoring, detection, forensics and response. It discovers and visualizes all OT network components and communications, monitors both OT and IT protocols, and enables OT and IT managers to detect, analyze and respond to network anomalies, vulnerabilities and threats.

  • ICS Network Security and Continuity
  • Discover, map and control all your industrial network assets
  • Visualize your entire network and identify changes
  • Monitor your network and receive real-time alerts on suspicious activity
  • Track unauthorized devices, communications and actions
  • Mitigate equipment and protocol vulnerabilities, exploits and security issues
  • Conduct forensics and investigations and analyze root cause
  • Customize dashboards and reports easily and quickly
  • Align with ICS network control standards and industry regulations