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At Angora Networks, a 100% domestic network solution brand, our goal is to provide end-to-end solutions to all your network needs with our high quality products and services. We are always with you with our strong technical staff.
VERGE is the new edge switch family of Angora Networks. Ethernet Switch Family offers new generation manageable solutions for the infrastructure of your corporate network, which are reliable, high capacity and can meet your different access needs.
Secure thin client

THiNCE is designed to produce solutions to many problems caused by computers with different characters used as clients in virtual desktop infrastructures.
At Angora Networks, we manufacture our own converters at the highest quality possible, working with the highest level of production facilities. Our optical and copper modules can be used in all Verge models according to your bandwidth needs.
ANMS undertakes the tasks required for the smooth running of each phase in the installation, operation and deactivation cycle of the Angora Networks product family. Thus, it ensures that critical processes related to your network are completed in the fastest and most accurate way. By using a single common interface, you can perform operations and tracking of all your devices.
Submarine doesn’t change the way you connect your gear to the internet, but hides all the complexity behind it, giving you an easy, secure and private option to get online. Makes VPN invisible and Provides VPN Over Wi-Fi Network.
Traffic from wireless and mobile devices will account for two-thirds of total IP traffic by 2020, as predicted by Cisco’s VNI 2016 Forecast. Ready to meet the growing demand for seamless, reliable Wi-Fi?

Kaashif provides behavioral monitoring of your Wi-Fi from a user experience perspective and puts you one step ahead of your competitors.

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- We continuously improve our process and quality initiatives. We aim to understand our customers 'business in every engagement to ensure we can exceed our customers' expectations.

-We help solve business problems. We are here to understand your business and develop products for your needs. With our manufacturer-independent approach, we ensure that you find the right product at the right time.

-Turkey's leading network equipment manufacturer Angora Networks ®, the IT by providing high quality products and services to convert an innovation center. Angora Networks aims to be the preferred manufacturer with its long-term and strategic approach. With its products supported by high quality services, Angora Networks is taking firm steps towards becoming a reliable business partner for critical corporate communication networks.
Advensis Software & Consultancy is an engineering firm that aims to create solutions suitable for all your needs.
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Advensis Software & Consultancy is an engineering firm that aims to create solutions suitable for all your needs.
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