As Advensis, we offer you the bestManage Engine

ManageEngine offers a comprehensive IT management software family focused on making your job easier. We are at your service with the ManageEngine Family for all your IT needs.
NetFlow Analyzer
Traffic and security analysis and bandwidth surveillance tool provides a real-time insight into network bandwidth performance

Collects and analyzes data on who is using network bandwidth and what the usage is made for

Provides early detection and rapid troubleshooting of network slowdowns, QoS and SLA issues, security anomalies and more

Supports Cisco technologies and is Cisco compatible (NetFlow, IP SLA, WAAS and Medianet)
Applications Manager
Detect performance bottlenecks early, quickly identify root cause, and resolve issues proactively before they affect end users.

Know exactly how your users are experiencing your submissions with the help of real user tracking; Provide optimum user experience for your web applications.

Get capacity planning and trend insights to aid business growth planning.

AdvensisManage Engine

- ManageEngine started its activities as AdventNet, a network management company, in 1996 and has been working uninterruptedly ever since.

- ManageEngine is entirely focused on perfecting IT management.

- From network and device management to security and service desk software, it serves with an integrated and comprehensive approach to optimize your IT.
Mobile Device Manager Plus
Platform-wide support for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, iPadOS and tvOS.

Open APIs for comprehensive device management
Patch Manager Plus
Cloud-based patch automation for Windows and over 250 third-party applications

Block sites with and without IT approval to prevent data breaches.
Remote Access Plus
Voice, video and text chat for instant communication with end users.

Troubleshoot in partnership with multi-screen support.

User consent and the ability to save remote sessions.

Real time logging and reports.
Network and data center infrastructure management software for large enterprises, service providers and SMEs

Automated workflows, smart warning engines, configurable discovery rules, and extensible templates

Plugins for network change and configuration management, IP address management, as well as network, application, database, visualization, and NetFlow-based bandwidth monitoring
Service Desk
Solutions to manage your IT help desk, customer support, and IT asset lifecycle.

– 100% ITIL compliant

-Over 120,000 customers

-Turkish language support

-Explore and observe your IT assets (hardware and software) in one place
Desktop Central
Web-based solution to manage thousands of servers, desktops and portable devices from a central location

Install, uninstall, configure and update applications without user intervention.
Advensis Software & Consultancy is an engineering firm that aims to create solutions suitable for all your needs.
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Advensis Software & Consultancy is an engineering firm that aims to create solutions suitable for all your needs.
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